In collaboration with Photographer Michael Froio, we have documented multiple large scale railway improvement projects for the freight railroad company Conrail. Beginning in 2013, these jobs have varied in timeline, location and logistics, but the constant throughout has been our ability to clearly visualize the railwork being done. The reels below are a short glimpse of the footage we captured throughout these projects, but offer a good insight into the story telling power of timelapse documentation in the industrial sector.

The images below are examples of the high resolution still images that can be pulled from the variety of timelapse shots that comprise these documentation videos.

The benefit to documenting these kinds of projects is that we can see many sub-contractors working together to make the job a reality. The video below is another example of this kind of timelapse documentation.

The video below is an example of an asset delivered to Conrail following a 4-day outage. We provided the client with in-depth worksite documentation for internal review. These videos gave them the ability to evaluate schedules and logistics of the outages to increase productivity and consistent timetables for future projects.