This unique project began in September 2014, lasting over 3 years, it has been the longest running timelapse documentation project we have undertaken thus far. Although the highlights of the project lie within the medium of timelapse, there were numerous assets delivered to the client throughout the process. Below you will find many examples of that work.

The project began with a photographic survey of the fountain garden and pump house prior to construction

We then installed an autonomous worksite camera that took 12 images per day for the entirety of the project.

The advantage of our timelapse documentation approach is that we have the ability to create high resolution still images that are pulled from the timelapse shots.

Multiple project update videos were created to keep the public informed on the status of the garden. The video below focused around the underground infrastructure and waterworks technology being installed.

We photographed the garden upon completion for a number of print and digital uses. Most notably, for the opening of the gardens, the visitor's entrance was lined with life-size printed photographs of the intricate fountains that flank the grotto.

The final compilation video is featured below. This is an abbreviated view of the efforts that went into the project from beginning to end.